Day Two Resources

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Day 2 Power Point

Day 2 Power Point PDF

Day 2 Manual

Day Two InDesign (5.5 and IDML Files) 

Resource 1 Icon Resurrection

Resource 2 Icon The Beloved Disciple

Resource 3 Donor Motivation

Resource 4 Parish or Diocesan Case Development Exercise

Resource 5 Sample Video Campaign Design

Resource 6 Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversation

Resource 7 Hosting in  Hurry

Resource 8 The Donor-Centric Case and Process Using Living Systems

Resource 9 Sample Parish Stewardship Survey Worksheet

Resource 10 Close-Contact Stewardship Service Grant from a Bishop

Resource 11 Diocesan Capital Campaign Initial Fact Sheet

Resource 12 Open Forum Discussion on Bishop Oversight & Accountability

Resource 13 Resource Development Manifesto for the Church

Resource 14 Pledge Campaign Task Flow Calendar

Resource 15 Stewerdship Committion and Related Committees

Resource 16 Sample Stewardship Committion Volunteer Job Description

Resource 17 Year Round Cultivation

Resource 18 Sample Hand-Written Note

Resource 19 The Daily Sip

Resource 20 Sample Advance Campaign Plan

Resource 21 Sample Advance Campaign Vestry Speaking Notes

Resource 22 Sample Advance Vestry Letter

Resource 23 Sample Advance Regular Campaign Thank You Letter

Resource 24 Non Givers Pledge Campaign is Coming Letter

Resource 25 Previous Givers Pledge Campaign is Coming Letter

Resource 26 Sample Warm-Up Letter

Resource 27 Sample Hand-Written Note

Resource 28 Creativity Making a Special Event for a Campaign Kick-off

Resource 29 Prayer for Stewardship Money and Provision

Resource 30 Preaching Stewardship, Membership, Growth and Giving

Resource 31 Focus Group Questions

Resource 32 The Wow Card

Resource 33 Sample Pledge Certificate

Resource 34 Sample Auto-Withdrawal Confirmation Letter

Resource 35 LYBUNT Donors Exit Questionnaire

Resource 36 Pledge Collections Letter

Resource 37 Financial Support Survey

Resource 38 LYBUNT End of Year Reminder Letter

Resource 39 PYBUNT End of Year Reminder

Resource 40 Sample Ministry Minute Recruitent Letter

Resource 41 Sample Ministry Minute Recruitment Confirmation

Resource 42 Sample Ministry Minute Success

Resource 43 Sample Ministry Minute Recruitment Guidelines

Resource 44 How to Host a Minute Speaker

Resource 45 Sample Ministry Minute Script 1

Resource 46 Sample Ministry Minute Script 2

Resource 47 Sample Ministry Minutes Summary Statements

Resource 48 Sample Stewardship Campaign Leaderhsip FAQs

Resource 49 Phone-A-Thon Script Mid-Campaign

Resource 50 Phone-A-Thon Script Late Campaign

Resource 51 Sample Year-End Giving Article

Resource 52 Sample In-Kind Gift Thank You Letter

Resource 53 Sample Letter to Hand-Written Note Writers

Resource 54 Taking Project Resource Home

Resource 55 Fearless Church Fundraising

Resource 56 A Model App Cheerful Giving