Living Our Vows

Living Our Vows is a canonically mandated three-year transitional resource program designed to support the personal development of new bishops and equip them for transformative leadership. Annual residential retreats are coupled with an active peer coaching relationship.             

“Living our Vows has been a blessing of collegiality, networking and encouragement in our formation as bishops.  Certainly I am a better equipped leader for ministry than if I were being mentored by chance.  Having an intentional community of     support and education makes all the difference to me personally, and of course in   the life of our diocese.”              
- Class of 2008 Bishop  

“I think the College for Bishops gives a support and a community that is more immediate and focused than ever I’ve seen before in the House of Bishops and as we support one another deeply, I think there can be a whole different depth of ministry and effectiveness among the bishops in the Church.” 

- College for Bishops Peer Coach