LOV Peer Coaching

Coaching is an intentional collegial relationship to support new bishops. It is based on the radical belief in the competence of new bishops and works through clarifying and designing ongoing accountability around their goals and their experiences.

The coaching portion of the Living Our Vows program places each new bishop in a relationship with an experienced bishop. Bishops trained in the art of coaching provide direct assistance to each new bishop on an assigned basis. The relationship includes an on-site visit by the coach and monthly conversations.


  Peer Coaching Is…(provided by bishop coaches):

  • “a delightful opportunity to walk with God and colleagues. It opens wonderful avenues for new perspectives and relationships and invites bishops into deeper awareness and insight. The experience of walking together enriches our common ministry.”  
  • “difficult, energizing, and self-revealing.  Nevertheless it opens a relationship that may expand our wisdom.  We speak from our center to deepen our connection and sense of love and faithfulness.”  
  • “a challenge for both the candidate and the coach. The content encourages honesty, accountability, integrity and knowing it allows a deep relationship, trust and satisfaction. Occasionally, it requires focusing, balance and challenge.”    

The Rt Rev'd Tom Ely (Vermont) discusses Peer Coaching.