March 2010 Pre Mtg Info

March 19-24, 2010 House of Bishops Pre-Meeting Information

General Meeting Information

Biographies of Chaplains to the House of Bishops

Election of Bishop Suffragan for the Armed Forces (otherwise known as Federal Ministries)

  • Candidate Announcement
  • Petition Process
  • Petition Form
  • Excerpts from survey conducted by Conrad Selnick (consultant) to lead to profile development
  • Candidate Essay Questions
    • Prepare an essay of no more than 900 words which could be offered to Episcopal Life or The Living Church as an editorial in May 2010. This essay should inform readers about the importance of federal chaplains, your expectations of the chaplains you endorse, and your vision for the Bishop Suffragan’s role among Chaplains and as a member of the House of Bishops.
    • In the context of your vision as articulated in the preceding essay, how will you support chaplains who find themselves at odds with colleagues and or superiors in their endorsed ministry settings? In your response, please consider topics like pastoral care, advocacy, family support and relationships, and counseling in terms of emotional and spiritual well-being as well as professional advice and guidance, and illustrate with at least one example from your professional experience.

HOB Committee on Religious Communities - Information on Solitaries

Navajoland Election

Emergent Church
(Presenters include Tom Brackett, Diana Butler Bass, Stephanie Spellers, Phyllis Tickle and Karen Ward)

Theology Committee Presentation
(Presenters include Ellen Charry, Willis Jenkins and Grant LeMarquand)

Around One Table
(Presenters will include various members of the House of Bishops)