What to Expect

Project Resource will be an intensive 3-day course attended by diocesan teams made up of the diocesan bishop and his or her carefully recruited team of teachers—a minimum of two lay and two clergy. Larger teams are welcome and we suggest bringing the person responsible for diocesan communicaitons, when possible.  The attending teams will master the Project Resource materials and design the rollout of the materials for their diocese, setting measurable goals and outcomes. With these tools and goals, the teams will return to their diocese with an adult-teaching program that imparts effective leadership skills to lay leaders and clergy.  These new leaders will assist the diocese in  increasing parish and diocesan financial and human resources for all sizes and sorts of churches through God's misison.

Advance Preparation

Wherever you are on your journey of stewardship or fundraising, the Project Resource training will meet you where you are.  However, in order to map where you are going, its important to know where you are. Your starting point.

Prior to arrival for a Project Resource Training, each individual will be asked to complete a series of personal questions. This work establishes the “why” of the training and our work together.  

In addition, each Bishop will be asked to complete a short development survey. These questions will be due byApril 21st. Project Resource Presenters will review this information in order do adapt the training to meet the needs of diocesan teams.  The development survey information will also be shared with other team members in the diocese to ensure that all diocesan team members have access to the same  information. 

Participants will begin the training both knowing their individual “why” for attending and the diocesan team’s collective starting point. 

Day One

The conference will begin with a focus on major gifts.  Strategies for all aspects of major gifts work will include prospect identification, moves management, metrics tracking, special events, cultivation for differing levels of engagement, and donor appreciation.  We will also discuss the intricacies of how a pastor maintains the relationship with members of congregations while also managing cultivation and solicitation work around major gifts.  This segment will also include local guest presenters whose personal wealth makes them major donors.  They will discuss what they do and do not appreciate when being approached by churches and dioceses. 

Day Two

This second day will focus on annual pledge management. We will begin with case development (why we deserve the money we seek to raise and how to communicate that need.) We will cover the basics of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversation as a way to develop a case which has donor investment. We will then work through different model documents which will support excellent gimmick-free pledge campaigns. We will continue our day with conversations around what the future of annual support will look like as generations and technologies change the way they pledge to and pay for ministry. This segment will cover detailed strategies for communications. Finally, there will be teaching on donor fatigue, major gifts interweaving, and the spiritual care of leaders, and finally a meditation on the role of the financial development and stewardship leader in their role as pastor. Bishops will lead conversations about unfolding this work in their diocese and will consider which churches need help and how to roll that help out.

Day Three

The final day of the conference will focus on planned giving, including how to manage a diocesan and church program, management of communications, event planning, prospect research, list management, major gift-annual gift-planned gift timing, case development, donor management, wish list development, the eight-step process towards making a successful ask, donor appreciation, and planned giving tools.  Diocesan conversations will consider how to unfold this material in your own diocese.

Topics Discussed and Supported in this Training

  • spiritual practices for leadership
  • annual pledge campaign design
  • campaign brochure design
  • pledge-card design
  • training outlines for workers
  • major gifts role play sessions
  • advance campaign design
  • campaign warm-up process
  • how to design ministry-minutes
  • monthly stewardship meeting agendas
  • why we raise money
  • how people decide to give
  • how to deserve the money you seek
  • liturgical changes for stewardship
  • stewardship preaching year-round
  • campaign-reporting templates
  • leadership recruitment & management
  • using laity and clergy: when and where
  • announcement templates
  • the psychology of resistance
  • guest billionaire speakers: “how to ask me”
  • social media in financial development
  • how different generations give
  • special events templates
  • dealing with the fear of asking
  • managing a major gifts program
  • donor recognition
  • basic estate planned giving
  • hosting conversations for donors
  • moving from control to “chaord”
  • designing an invitation campaign
  • improving donor involvement
  • raising money in transition
  • templates for a great kick-off
  • tracking moves management
  • campaign metrics templates
  • vestry reporting scripts
  • membership pledge campaigns
  • job descriptions for all levels
  • managing a stalled campaign
  • major gifts wish lists—a how-to
  • start with “Why” before what and how